Steve Firth

Koskie Minsky LLP

Steve believes in the value of TLOMA as an organization. TLOMA has provided Steve with valuable information over the years and, in turn, he thinks it is important to help the organization where he can to provide information and assistance to the members.


Steve’s law office experience with both large and small size firms and his professional qualification (CA) are an asset to the job. Steve is the Director of Finance and Administration for Koskie Minsky LLP a 40+ law firm for the past eight years. Prior to joining KM, Steve was the Director of Finance for Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, Smith Lyons and Gowlings. In the past he also worked for the Law Society of Upper Canada for 3 years as an auditor and 3 years as Deputy Director of Finance.


Steve has previously served in the Finance Section Head role (1996-1998),(2003-2004) and the Treasurer/Finance SIG role (2004-2006) and looks forward to returning this year.


Steve is happily married with five sons and three lovely granddaughters and he has been known to play golf on occasion!

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