Jane Sleeth

Optimal Performance Consultants Inc.

Jane holds an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology and Physiology from the University of Toronto; and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy also from the University of Toronto. Jane is a regular and sought after speaker at national and international conferences speaking about how Optimal Performance has collectively taken a unique and innovative approach to the management and prevention of injuries illness and disability through excellence in ergonomics and barrier free design in the workplace. This has resulted in OPC’s long term clients realizing cost savings in the hundreds of thousands in material costs, insurance and benefits costs and productivity indicators and costs.


Jane has a considerable body of published work and articles in barrier free and ergonomic design publications; human resources journals and peer reviewed journals. Jane is author of the bestselling book - "Return to Work Compliance Toolkit"; and author of “The Internal Ergonomic Program Book”. Jane’s latest book was released in January 2011 entitled “Understanding, Preventing and Controlling Back and Neck Pain; A CLV Special report” pub. Carswell.

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