Trent Dilkie

Gibraltar Solutions

After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of New Brunswick in 1983, Trent Dilkie began his career applying computer technology to solving engineering and manufacturing problems at Husky Injection Molding.


During his 13 year tenure at Husky, Trent progressed from developing CAD/CAM automation to Factory Automation. After successfully implementing engineering and manufacturing systems worldwide, Trent took on the role of Information Technology VP. That role encompassed all aspects of IT, including worldwide roll-out of ERP.


As a member of the Gibraltar team, Trent has expanded his IT knowledge in corporate IT, taking on numerous roles at major financial organizations and other large institutions. Trent deployed numerous leading edge systems including e-commerce and remote access solutions.


Trent has been deeply involved in Computer Security, as CSO and a senior security consultant, performing ethical hacking, computer security assessment and building security practices.


Continuing to lead in his role of VP, Strategic Initiatives, Trent has developed solutions for mobile device integration into corporate IT, BYOC programs and Mac@Work.

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